Enbridge has a new plan for dredging parts of the Kalamazoo River

Feb 20, 2014

Enbridge Energy is still cleaning up oil left over from its pipeline spill in the Kalamazoo River.  

The company has already recovered most of the oil, but it's still working to comply with an order from the federal regulators, who say they need to clean up another 180,000 gallons. 

According to Enbridge's new plan, they can start that cleanup March 15. But that's all dependent on this crazy weather. Right now, everything is frozen. But, if spring warms things up and there's flooding, that can also be problematic for the dredging process. 

If it starts on time, Enbridge says it could be done by August. We'll see. 

I talked to Michigan Radio's Lindsey Smith who has been following the progress of the cleanup effort.  

You can listen to our conversation by clicking the link below.