Enbridge protester to be sentenced Monday

Dec 28, 2014

An environmental activist learns tomorrow if he’ll spend time in jail for a protest that had him spend time in an unfinished pipeline. 

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Christopher Wahmhoff spent 10 hours in a pipeline in June 2013.

It was a protest against a company responsible for a major oil spill in the Kalamazoo River. An Enbridge pipeline ruptured near Marshall in 2010. 

About a million gallons of crude oil seeped into a nearby creek and eventually made its way more than 30 miles down the Kalamazoo River. The cleanup cost the company more than $1 billion.  

The pipeline Wahmhoff spent his protest sitting in is the replacement for the line that broke.   

Earlier this month, Wahmhoff was found guilty of trespassing and resisting police. He’s scheduled to be sentenced Monday.

He could face up to two years behind bars, but will likely get probation.