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Erosion threatens part of main road in the Thumb

Jan 17, 2020

MDOT decided to act sooner than planned to shore up the coastline new M-25 in Sanilac County when recent erosion caused the land near the road to shift.
Credit Michigan Department of Transportation

Ongoing erosion is threatening the main road connecting southeast Michigan to the Thumb.

M-25 follows the Lake Huron shoreline. But in part of Sanilac County, the shoreline is drawing too close.

This week, work crews with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) are scrambling to prevent further erosion that’s threatening about a 700 foot stretch of M-25.

MDOT spokeswoman Jocelyn Hall says they are working to prevent the erosion from undermining part of the roadway.

“There aren’t a lot of substantial, alternate routes that we could find to put traffic on,” says Hall. “So what we are really trying to do is make sure we make every effort that we can to protect M-25 for the time being.”

Later this year, the state plans a larger project to head off future erosion threats to M-25.

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