Even through tough economic times, Hamtramck's Labor Day festival celebrates 36th year

Sep 2, 2015

This weekend brings the 36th annual Hamtramck Labor Day Festival with its food, parade, concerts, carnival and more. All of which is a testament to a tough city that’s refused to be driven to its knees by hard times; a city that’s been made even stronger by its diversity.

The 36th annual Hamtramck Labor Day Festival will take over the streets of Hamtramck this weekend.
Credit Ian Freimuth / creative commons

Hamtramck Mayor Karen Majewski and City Clerk August Gitschlag joined Stateside to talk about the beginning days of the festival and how, through tough economic times, the celebration continues.

Meantime, a couple of the musicians who are performing at this year's festival have been interviewed in the past on Stateside. Flint's Tunde Olaniran will perform Saturday night. You can hear his past couple interviews on Stateside here. And, Detroit's Lac La Belle will play Monday afternoon. You can hear their past interview here.