Facebook responses: Top three foods for life

Jun 29, 2012

In a recent Michigan Radio Facebook post, we asked followers:

If you could only eat three basic foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Responses filled up our wall, ranging from the responsible:

Alison- Kale, eggs, and nuts...if I had to chose one I would say almonds

...to the indulgent:

Kyle- Pizza, Donuts, and McDonalds

...to the bizarre:

Paul- Bacon, wrapped in ham, wrapped in bacon

Bacon, it turns out, was the most popular food item with 13 votes.

The CDC recommends that we fill half our plates with fruits and vegetables, and the other half with mostly grains and protein, with a serving of dairy on the side.

Empty calories should be reserved as rare treats, much to the chagrin of Facebook fans who named sugar, beer and ice cream as staple foods. 

See how responders' collective answers stacked up in the chart below.

-Elaine Ezekiel, Michigan Radio Newsroom