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Fat Tuesday traditions in Hamtramck, featuring the Pączki Bomb

Mar 5, 2019

Today, New Orleans is celebrating Fat Tuesday, also known as "Mardi Gras" in French. It's the last day before Ash Wednesday and the forty days of Lent, when many observers give up certain indulgences in anticipation of Easter Sunday. 

In Metro Detroit, it's Pączki Day. Pączki — singular "pączek" — go back to the Middle Ages, when people in Poland would clear their homes of lard, sugar, and other decadent ingredients by making fried donuts filled with sweet jams or creams. 

Stateside's Razi Jafri spoke to customers lined up outside of the New Palace Bakery in Hamtramck who were waiting patiently to pick up their very own batch of pączki. 

Then he headed over to another Hamtramck establishment that offers its own take on pączki with a boozy twist. 

Mike Mouyianis is the co-owner of Small’s, a bar and music club on Conant Street in the heart of Hamtramck. He’s also the creator of the “pączki bomb," a miniature pączki with an alcohol-infused filling. 

Check out the slideshow and audio above to learn more about this unique Mardi Gras treat. 

This post was written by Stateside production assistant Isabella Isaacs-Thomas. 

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