Father of Detroit man shot by federal agent says his son didn't deserve to die | Michigan Radio

Father of Detroit man shot by federal agent says his son didn't deserve to die

Apr 28, 2015

Kevin Kellom (left) says his son, Terrance, wasn't armed when he was shot by a federal agent Monday.
Credit Rebecca Kruth

The father of a young black man shot and killed by a federal agent on Detroit's west side said his son didn't deserve to die.

Terrance Kellom died  in his home from multiple gunshot wounds after a fugitive task force arrived to serve him with an arrest warrant on armed robbery charges.

Police say the 19-year-old was hiding upstairs when they arrived. At some point, police said Terrance Kellom came downstairs wielding a hammer.

At a rally on Tuesday, Kevin Kellom said that's not what happened.

Kellom said his son's hands were empty, and Terrance was reaching for him when police shot the young man twice in the chest.

"[After that], eight more shots rang out," he said. "They executed [Terrance] right in my face."

The name of the U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement officer who fired the shots has not been released, pending a review of the incident. 

Kellom's father said he wants the police to tell him why his son had to die.

"Every time you come in contact with a young black man, does it have to result in death? That's my only question," he said.

In a written statement, U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade said "police work sometimes requires deadly force, but officers may only use as much force as is reasonable under the circumstances."

McQuade said her office will closely monitor the incident's investigation.