Federal grand jury issues subpoenas in Detroit Land Bank scandal

Jun 14, 2017

The Detroit demolition scandal heats up after a federal grand jury issued a subpoena earlier this week.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority was tasked with handling vacant property demolitions after Mayor Mike Duggan took office in 2014.

Duggan says nobody from his office was questioned or subpoenaed.

“We have made sure that everybody at the Land Bank and Building Authority have given them all documents, and access to all people as quickly as possible,” he said.

Duggan says he and his office will continue to cooperate with federal investigators.

“But we don’t really want these questions hanging over us so I hope they resolve it quickly and we’ll continue to cooperate in every way we can to speed up that process,” he said.

Duggan has previously taken some of the blame for the Land Bank controversy, saying it was his plan to demolish 40,000 blighted properties during his term.