Feds vow to crack down on Detroit crime | Michigan Radio

Feds vow to crack down on Detroit crime

Feb 29, 2012

Detroit Police and federal law enforcement agencies say they’re strengthening their collaboration to fight violence.

And they’ve set their sights on Detroit’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

Law enforcement brass gathered at the crime wave’s ground zero—the city’s east side—to outline their joint plans Wednesday.

Federal officials say they plan to beef up their joint violent crimes task force with Detroit Police, and zero in on the east side.

John Broad, head of the anonymous crime-reporting service Crimestoppers, addressed his remarks directly to  “the criminals and would-be criminals.”

“Basically, don’t be stupid," Broad said. "What’s being announced at this press conference is that in addition to all of the local and state law enforcement agencies, the feds are coming for you.”

Detroit US Attorney Barbara McQuade says the goal is to root out the “worst of the worst” offenders, and find ways to charge them with federal offenses, which carry lengthier prison terms.

McQuade says the idea is to get the most violent criminals out of the community for a long time.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Andy Arena says that task force will now add to its ranks, and set its sights on the most violent east side neighborhoods.

“We do not want to be, nor do we have the resources to be an occupying army," Arena said. "That’s not our job. Our job is to go in there and remove the cancerous tumor without damaging that community.”