Fiat Chrysler earnings jump in second quarter | Michigan Radio

Fiat Chrysler earnings jump in second quarter

Jul 30, 2015

Workers at the Warren Truck Assembly plant
Credit Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Despite having to pay $70 million of a record $105 million civil fine for U.S. recall violations, U.K.-based Fiat Chrysler made $333 million Euro in the second quarter. 

That's about $372 million, and a big jump from the same period a year ago. 

Most of the profit can be attributed to strong sales in North America. 

And most of those sales come from the brands in the Chrysler side of the family, including Ram and Jeep. 

In the U.S., Jeep brand sales were up 19% to 223,000 vehicles, the brand’s best quarterly performance ever.

Chrysler brand sales rose 29% to 88,000 vehicles led by the all-new 200 sedan.

Ram brand sales increased 6% to 121,000 vehicles, and the Dodge brand was down 17%, to 134,000 vehicles.