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A fight to be chair of the Michigan Republican Party

Feb 4, 2021

Credit Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay

The Michigan Republican Party convention is Saturday. The top job in the party just became a public brawl. 

The current chair of the state Republican Party is Laura Cox. She was not planning to run for re-election. But then, as first reported by the Detroit News, she made allegations of financial impropriety against the man expected to be the next chair of the state party, Ron Weiser, a Regent of University of Michigan.

In a Facebook post, Weiser denied any wrongdoing and wrote he’s “disappointed by Laura’s shameful attempt to destroy our party with unfounded and reckless conspiracy theories so that she can get back in the chair’s race and save her paycheck.”

In the post’s comments section Cox said she would not take any money if re-elected and only wants to serve temporarily because she believes Weiser is unfit. She said should would only serve until April 3rd and let party leaders choose the next person to be Chair of the Michigan Republican Party at that point.

Michigan Radio was unable to reach either of the candidates for comment.

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