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Finding a new use for Saginaw's old fairgrounds

Jun 10, 2016

Michigan State University professors and neighborhood volunteers have come up with a design for a major overhaul of the old Saginaw County fairgrounds. 

The 54-acre site on Saginaw’s south side have sat decaying for more than a decade.

Warren Rauhe is with the Michigan State University School of Planning, Design and Construction. He says it may not look like it, but the fairgrounds site is a “gem.”

“Well, right now it’s pretty unsightly. The site is overgrown, and what have you,” Rauhe said before a meeting with local residents earlier this week, “What we’re trying to do is produce a plan that’s very sustainable. Not a lot of maintenance. A lot of facilities that people would like and use.”

City officials still have to come up with the money to make the plan for a new multi-use community park a reality.