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"Finding Rover" app could help reunite lost dogs with owners

Aug 19, 2015

Finding Rover app aims to reunite lost dogs with owners.
Credit Nhandler/wikipedia / Jonesy22/creative commons

Oakland County is using a new app that uses facial recognition software to help reunite lost dogs with their owners.

Joanie Toole is chief of the Oakland Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center.

She says people can load a photo of their dog on the app called "Finding Rover."

"Say if sometime down the road, God forbid, your dog gets away from you, what you would do is go back into the app and you report your dog lost," explains Tool.  "It's going to bring back matches to your dog, and it could be a dog that's here at the shelter, a dog that a vet found, or it could be a citizen that created a Finding Rover account because they found a dog."

Toole says the app still has some bugs. She hopes with use and feedback to the app's developers, the app will become more accurate at matching animals.