First Detroit police officer gets new house with Project 14

Aug 17, 2011

The Detroit program meant to lure police officers back to live in the community they serve has officially welcomed its first resident.

Currently, most Detroit police officers live outside the city. Project 14 aims to entice them back with generous housing incentives.

Some of the first to take advantage of the program, like Officer William Booker Riggs, will get the best deals. Selected officers will get their choice of  foreclosed  homes Bank of America has donated to the program. Bank of America is also financing the renovations at Riggs' new home.

Riggs says after 14 years, he’s excited to be back in the city where he grew up.

“To be part of the community neighborhood watch program, community meetings…back when I was a kid we still had that in my neighborhood on the east side. And it’s gonna be great to get that feeling back again.”

The city has said it hopes as many 200 officers will take advantage of the program.

So far, 10 have selected homes.