Five years and over 1000 shows later, former teacher drops his fourth album

Oct 4, 2016


It isn’t often you hear of an aspiring musician being encouraged to give up their day job - you know, the one that pays - and plunge head first into that musical career.

But Ann Arbor-based singer-songwriter Mike Vial was given that push as sort of a wedding gift from his wife Natalie Burg. She told him she wouldn’t marry him unless he quit his job as a teacher to follow his musical dreams.

That was five years ago. Since then, Vial has played hundreds of gigs across the United States and Canada.

Now he’s out with his fourth release: A World That’s Bigger.

Vial sat down with us today to share some of his music and talk about going from high school teacher to full -time musician.

Listen to a few songs from the album that Vial played for us in-studio:

Vial is hitting the road for a ten-city tour in October and November, including shows Saturday October 29 at the Ark in Ann Arbor and Sunday October 30 at The Acorn Theatre in Three Oaks.

More about Vial and the tour can be found on his website.

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