Flint breaks 25-year-old murder record | Michigan Radio

Flint breaks 25-year-old murder record

Dec 13, 2010

Just a day after tying a record set in 1986, Flint recorded its 62nd homicide of the year. The body of a man was found slumped over in a car parked on a city street.

At a news conference this morning, before the latest murder victim was found, Flint Mayor Dayne Walling blamed the spike in violence in his city on the loss of jobs.

“I cannot explain why a person chooses to take another person’s life.  What we are coming to understand is when jobs move out, drugs move in.  When you combine drugs and desperation you get crime and violence.”

Mayor Walling is asking for the community’s cooperation in helping get those responsible for crimes in the community off the streets.