Flint City Councilman Scott Kincaid to run against Mayor Weaver in recall election

Aug 11, 2017

Long-time Flint City Councilman Scott Kincaid plans to run against Flint Mayor Karen Weaver in her November recall election.

Kincaid is already on the November ballot for his 9th Ward seat. He says he could potentially win both the council race and the mayor's race.

"If I win the mayor's race, then I would have to just resign from the city council," says Kincaid.  "And there'd be a special election and then we'd go through that process."

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver faces a recall election in November
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Kincaid says he expects a legal challenge to his running for two jobs, but thinks he can overcome it.  He says he was unaware that there would be a recall election at the time he filed to run for re-election for city council.

Kincaid has served on Flint City Council for 32 years.  He ran for mayor once before, in 1999, against then-Mayor Woodrow Stanley, and lost narrowly.