Flint city council's probation is extended | Michigan Radio

Flint city council's probation is extended

Aug 10, 2016

The panel in charge of Flint’s exit from state oversight says the city council isn't ready yet.

The Receivership Transition Advisory Board has extended the end of council’s probation period from October to December.

The board cites the council’s ongoing conflict with Flint’s mayor over a trash collection contract.

The mayor and city council have been at odds over which company should pick up Flint’s garbage for months. The mayor wants a company that submitted the lowest bid. That company has ties to a former mayor who is a supporter of hers. The city council prefers the company hired by the city’s former emergency manager.

The council rejected the mayor’s choice. The mayor vetoed the city council’s pick. The council overrode the mayor’s veto. The mayor opted to cancel trash pickup.

While the dispute continues, the old trash hauler is still picking up the garbage.

The council has taken the issue to court. But Wednesday, the RTAB declined to authorize paying the city council’s outside attorney.

City Council President Kerry Nelson accuses the RTAB of favoring the mayor.

“I am just truly disappointed today,” Nelson says of the board’s decision. “It is just a discredit, not to me, but to the citizens of this city.”

The mayor and city council return to court on Thursday.