Flint hiring staff for the city's water plant

Apr 6, 2016

The city of Flint is taking steps to deal with a key staffing issue in its drinking water crisis.

New Flint water plant supervisor Jolisa McDay started work this week
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

Federal regulators have criticized Flint officials for not hiring more people to operate the city’s water plant.  The EPA says the city needs more professionals to ensure it stays in compliance with federal regulations. 

The city’s new water plant supervisor started work this week. 

Jolisa McDay has 15 years experience.  She sees Flint’s system as a “challenge”.

Flint's water plant is bone dry these days as it awaits the completion of the new KWA pipeline (though it's not entirely clear if and when the city will hook up with the KWA)
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

“I’m diligently working to be sure that we have all that we need,” says McDay.

Among other things, the water plant has additional vacant jobs to fill. 

Mayor Karen Weaver hopes to hire a new Public Works director and additional lab techs soon.   

“We’re really trying to address those first,” says Weaver.

Federal regulators have suggested that Flint’s switch to the KWA pipeline later this year or early next may be hampered by a need for more qualified staffers.

But this week, Mayor Weaver once again suggested that the city may not switch to the KWA pipeline as planned.