Flint mayor asking state for $30 million to fix water system

Sep 15, 2015

Flint’s mayor wants the state to chip in $30 million to fix the city’s problem plagued water system.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Mayor Dayne Walling sent a letter Monday to Governor Rick Snyder asking for the money to help repair Flint’s infrastructure and to replace old lead pipes.

“Significant progress has been made throughout this year to increase water safety and quality and I thank you for the involvement of your office,” Walling wrote in his letter to the governor, “A majority of items in the Water Improvement Plan are completed or underway. Most importantly, Flint is now in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act.”

Walling’s request comes as the city is dealing with a new issue, lead.

Researchers from Virginia Tech have been testing tap water in hundreds of Flint homes.  Their preliminary results show ‘serious’ levels of lead.

Those researchers will be in Flint today to discuss the test results.