Flint mayor says state lawmakers should boost revenue sharing | Michigan Radio

Flint mayor says state lawmakers should boost revenue sharing

Mar 4, 2014

Flint’s mayor says his and other Michigan cities need more revenue sharing dollars from the state.

Mayor Dayne Walling delivered Flint’s “State of the City” speech yesterday. Walling outlined a lot of plans for Flint's future. But he says, without more money from the state, delivering basic services will continue to be a struggle.

“Our local communities were the ones that took the longest, most permanent cuts. And we need to be first in line,” says Walling.

But revenue sharing does not appear to be high on the legislative agenda in Lansing.

State lawmakers are talking about using a nearly one billion dollar budget surplus to cut the income tax rate or boost the Homestead Property Tax Credit.

Walling says that would be a mistake. 

Walling says people are demanding cities spend more on basic services…

“That voice may not be loud enough in Lansing,” says Walling, “But I can tell you they are beating the doors down at city hall.”

Walling says he wants to spend more on tearing down blighted homes, but that money will largely come from the federal government.