Flint pastors to hand out water filters

Aug 27, 2015

Starting next week, Flint pastors will begin handing out water filters to people who don’t trust the city’s tap water.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

The 1500 water filters come from an anonymous donor. A spokesman says the filters will remove particulates, like lead. 

People have worried about what’s in Flint’s water ever since the city starting tapping the Flint River.  Last year, the city switched from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to the river as the source of its drinking water. 

At times during the past year, Flint’s tap water has had problems with e coli, higher than acceptable levels of chemicals and discoloration.  Smell and taste have also been an issue.

As concerns mounted, several groups distributed water to people who feared drinking what was coming out of their taps.

But Bishop Bernadel Jefferson says past water giveaways haven’t solved the problem.

“The water giveaway was just a band aid on the water. It was not a fix. The filter will help to fix it,” says Jefferson.

New filters are also seen as a solution by Flint city officials.

This summer, the city has installed new filters to the water system.

Despite the ongoing concerns of many Flint residents, city officials insist the water is safe.