Flint residents must travel farther to get free bottled water

Sep 9, 2017

There are fewer places for Flint residents to get free bottled water these days.

In August, Flint’s seven water distribution centers handed out 11,061 cases of bottled water a day. That's nearly 300,000 cases for the entire month. 

But just after Labor Day, the state closed three of the centers. Of the nine original sites, only four remain, located in different quadrants of the city.   

State officials are trying to encourage Flint residents to rely more on filtered water from their own taps than on cases of bottled water. Recent tests have shown lead levels in Flint’s tap water are well below the federal action level. 

Still, public distrust of the official test results means many Flint residents aren’t switching just yet.

Officials say the four remaining centers will remain open indefinitely.