Flint River Fest canceled amid city's drinking water problems

Oct 7, 2015

Flint’s drinking water controversy has led to the cancelation of a festival celebrating the Flint River.

The Flint River
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Tests link the corrosive nature of the river water to high lead levels in Flint tap water.  Complaints about the quality of Flint’s drinking water have been escalating since the city switched from Detroit water to the Flint River last year.

Rebecca Fedewa is with the Flint River Watershed Coalition, one of the organizers of River Fest.

She says organizers of Flint River Fest were worried Friday’s event would not be the showcase for the Flint River they intended.

"It is a great recreational resource. It’s a huge asset for the city, and that’s what we wanted to show people," says Fedewa. "With the drinking water situation, we felt it could just cast a cloud over what we were trying to do."

Organizers hope to reschedule Flint River Fest for the Spring.