Flint school board to discuss compensation cut tonight | Michigan Radio

Flint school board to discuss compensation cut tonight

Jan 13, 2014

Flint school officials have until Wednesday to deliver a new deficit elimination plan to the Michigan Department of Education.

Flint School Board members tonight will review an agreement calling for a 19% compensation cut to school district employees. Specific wage and benefit cuts will be worked out during the next several months.

The wage and benefit concession was announced last week. The cuts would begin in July and last until 2018, when Flint School District officials project the district will have eliminated its multi-million dollar deficit.

Larry Watkins is Flint’s interim school superintendent. He says the plan is about more than balancing the district’s books.

“In addition to restoring the district’s financial health, we are committed to aggressively, creatively and being innovative in restoring the educational health of our school system,” says Watkins.

The Flint School District has also been struggling with a sharply declining enrollment.