Flint voters consider changes to city charter in August

Jul 17, 2017

Flint voters will decide if they want to make changes to their city charter on August 8.

If it passes, it will be the first time the city’s charter will be changed in four decades. A special panel has spent two years designing the 83-page charter update.

Stronger ethics rules for city officials is one big change. It specially bars illegal activity, as well as accepting gifts or bribes. Candidates for public office would also have to disclose business interests with the city or unpaid taxes.

Other changes would strengthen the mayor’s role in government and more structure to the city’s budget process.

The charter would also enable the city to pursue more affordable insurance and home loans for city residents, as well as more affordable water and sewer fees.

Next month, Flint voters will also be casting ballots in several city council primary races.