Flint water shutoffs to be the subject of a court hearing this week

Nov 22, 2015

This week, a judge will consider whether the city of Flint may resume shutting off water to people who haven’t paid their bills.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

In August, Genesee Circuit Judge Archie Hayman ordered the city of Flint to stop disconnecting delinquent water customers. The judge found the city had illegally increased rates in 2011 and directed the city to rollback the 35% increase. 

Since September, Flint water customers have been paying the lower rate. But not everyone has been paying. 

The city has sent 7,555  shutoff notices as of Friday to people who are a couple months behind. The shutoffs are scheduled to begin next month. 

But attorney Val Washington says the shutoffs should not be allowed until other related issues are addressed.

The city maintains it is following Judge Hayman’s order.

The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at 1pm.