Flint's bottled water distribution taking "next steps"

Jul 25, 2017

City and state officials will talk about the future of bottled water distribution centers in Flint Wednesday morning.

A trip to the neighborhood distribution center has become a regular chore for many people in Flint since the city’s tap water became contaminated with lead.

But things are changing.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, along with local pastors, met with Governor Snyder on Tuesday.

Wednesday, Weaver and the state officials responsible for the state’s water distribution effort will announce the “next steps” in the program.

Those next steps may include a reduction of the current nine distribution centers in Flint.

The state could also move toward requiring people to present ID to prove they’re from Flint.   

Michigan State Police Capt. Chris Kelenske says it might be time to require identification at the nine distribution sites in Flint. He says he has a "lot of anecdotal evidence" that non-residents are taking water.

Kelenske says more water is being distributed now than ever -- a daily average of 21,500 cases in late July.