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Former bodyguard releases Kwame Kilpatrick "tell-all" book

Apr 11, 2011

Walter Harris, Jr. worked as a bodyguard for former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick for nine years.

Harris' whistle-blower lawsuit helped lead to the unraveling of  the Kilpatrick administration.

His book about his experiences, Badge of Honor: Blowing the Whistle, was released Saturday.

Harris was quoted in the Detroit News


"I wrote the book to share my experience and my story about the corruption I witnessed while working as a bodyguard for former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick"..."The book speaks about corruption, talks about my survival after reporting it to the state police and my vindication.

"This book brings closure. The truth prevailed. City Hall has been purged of the corruption that was there during the Kilpatrick administration. I'm hoping the city can move forward."

According to the News, Harris wrote that Kilpatrick's close friends and bodyguards "racked up massive overtime, drank on duty, covered up car crashes and acted unprofessionally."