Former Obama staffer looks to challenge Amash over U.S. House seat | Michigan Radio

Former Obama staffer looks to challenge Amash over U.S. House seat

Jun 19, 2019

Photograph of Nick Colvin from campaign website.
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United States Congressman Justin Amash faces another potential challenger for his seat. Democrat Nick Colvin says he will run for Michigan's 3rd Congressional District.

Colvin is a lawyer and worked in the Obama administration.

He's running in a historically Republican district, which includes Grand Rapids, Battle Creek and surrounding areas.

"There are a core set of issues and things that transcend party," Colvin says. "And so when I talk about healthcare and I talk about infrastructure I think those are things that all of us can get behind."

Colvin will face fellow Democrats in next year's August primary. Democrat Doug Booth is in the race, while  immigration attorney Hillary Scholten is also expected to run.

"I've been given great opportunities along the way that I've taken advantage of, and the goal here, along the way, was to collect all of these experiences and relationships and bring them back here and try to put them to use in a way that impacts people close to home," Colvin says. 

With the Obama administration, Colvin was part of a team that tackled the auto industry rescue, health care laws, and the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Republican incumbent Justin Amash made headlines when he said Trump has engaged in "impeachable conduct." Amash has held the seat since 2011 and also faces primary challengers.

For more information on the candidate, you can go to his website