Former state reps involved in sex, cover up scandal lose re-election bids in Republican primary

Nov 4, 2015

Credit From Courser/Gamrat websites

Former state Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat both lost bids to regain their seats after being forced out of the state House.

The two ex-lawmakers were very well known, but for the wrong reasons. Their efforts to cover up an extra-marital affair with wild rumors became the topic of national headlines and late-night jokes.

Gamrat lost to Mary Whiteford in her Republican primary. Courser lost his Republican primary to Gary Howell. Both seats are considered safely in the GOP column. The general election will be in March.

Gamrat made her concession speech to a crowd of reporters at her home in Plainwell last night.

Gamrat says she doesn’t regret running again.

“Out knocking on doors and meeting with the voters, I think healing has already started and I think that was an important step in the whole process; to give them that opportunity,” Gamrat said.

Gamrat says she wanted voters, not state lawmakers, to decide whether she would regain her seat in Lansing. She plans to take some time off, pray and talk to her family about what to do with her life next.