Four ballot controversies heading to Michigan Supreme Court tomorrow

Aug 29, 2012

The Michigan Supreme Court will hold a hearing tomorrow on whether four questions should appear on the statewide November ballot.

The court is expected to rule very quickly to meet election deadlines.

The proposals would

  • guarantee collective bargaining rights in the state constitution,
  • allow more casinos in Michigan,
  • require super-majorities before the Legislature can increase taxes,
  • and demand voter approval before the state could build a new international bridge to Canada.   

Some of the campaigns – the ones blocked from the ballot – want to see some changes in how election decisions are made.

They say a state elections board should not make determinations on whether proposals meet the requirements of the Michigan Constitution -- that’s up to the courts.
They say campaigns that gather enough petition signatures should be approved.

One of the campaigns also says it’s too easy for the process to get bogged down, because it takes a vote from both a Republican and a Democrat on the board to get a proposal on the ballot.