Fresh Thyme brand is Meijer’s quiet entry into high-end grocery market

Oct 28, 2016


Maybe you’ve been shopping at one of those new Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market grocery stores that have been popping up around the state.

Nick Manes is a staff writer at MiBiz.com. He looked into Fresh Thyme.

He already knew that the Michigan-based grocery store chain Meijer was invested, but it turns out there’s more to it than that.

“We found quite a wide variety of documents, specifically liquor licenses for the various stores,” Manes said. “All those documents suggested, and some other experts in the field … pretty much all agreed that those documents meant that Meijer not only owns but started the Fresh Thyme brand. So it’s quite a bit more than … that they just invested in it. They started the brand from the ground up.”

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