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The future of education spending in Michigan

Oct 13, 2014

The only scheduled joint appearance between Governor Rick Snyder and former Congressman Mark Schauer wrapped up last night. One of the top issues of the debate was education. If you turn on a television, there's no escaping the "dueling teacher" campaign ads for Snyder and Schauer.

Schauer's ads feature teachers saying Governor Snyder slashed $1 billion from school funding. Snyder's ads feature teachers who say Snyder's been great for schools, that he's increased K-12 state funding every year he's been in office.

John Bebow is president of the non-partisan Center for Michigan. Bebow says let's stop talking about the past and, instead, look ahead to the future of education spending.

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One of the main topics of discussion during last night’s debate was the issue of education funding. Bebow says he's relatively unconcerned with how money was spent in the past, and he says what voters should be concerned about is how money will be spent on education in the next four years. “Let’s talk about what we’re going to fund and how money is going to make a difference over the next four years rather than the last four,” says Bebow.

*Listen above to see what John Bebow has to say about the future of education spending*