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The global ambitions of China's automakers

May 15, 2018

Chinese companies are intent on turning the Big Three of the world car industry – the U.S., Japan, and Germany – into the Big Four.
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In 2009, it was official: China leapfrogged past the United States to become the largest auto market in the world.

The world's most populous country offers lots of opportunities for both domestic and foreign car makers, and Chinese automakers want to go global.

Theo Leggett, the auto industry correspondent for the BBC, joined Stateside today to discuss the state of China’s modern auto industry.

Listen above to hear Leggett explain China’s effort to become a global player in the auto industry, and what part new energy vehicles (NEVs) are playing in that effort. He also discusses how prepared American car companies are to compete with China, and how they might need to adapt.

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