Global warming good for Michigan football? Jim Harbaugh says yes. | Michigan Radio

Global warming good for Michigan football? Jim Harbaugh says yes.

Oct 18, 2016

Michigan has seen particularly warm weather the past few days, and one person taking notice is the University of Michigan's head football coach Jim Harbaugh. 

On his weekly radio show, Harbaugh talked about recruiting prospective candidates and why he loves living in Michigan. He also joked that global warming could help the football team's recruitment efforts, according to MLive's Nick Baumgardner:

"This is, by far, just a good, healthy, honest place to be. I'll bet 99 percent of the people who went to Michigan loved it," Harbaugh said Monday while talking about recruiting pitches. "Now we're the new Mediterranean. A lot of coastline. How about it out there today, 80 degrees out there. It's beautiful here. It's so beautiful here, it's awesome.""Global warming's good for Michigan. It's good for recruiting."

But Harbaugh said he's also a fan of Michigan's notoriously cold winters, according to USA TODAY's Nicole Auerbach:  

"I like the feeling of snow crunching under my feet if I have the proper footwear," he said.

This isn't the first time Harbaugh's joked that global warming could be a boon to the Michigan Wolverines. In February, the Big Ten Network tweeted a clip of Harbaugh telling New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady that enticing players to come to Michigan is easier thanks to global warming.