Global warming threatens Michigan wildlife, says NWF | Michigan Radio

Global warming threatens Michigan wildlife, says NWF

May 14, 2014

Polar bears are among the many species facing a risk of extinction due to climate change caused by humans. Humans are also at risk, as rising sea levels threaten coastal regions, and droughts become more severe.
Credit Photo courtesy of Joel Garlich-Miller, USFWS

The National Wildlife Federation says climate change and global warming are threatening a number of Michigan species.

The environmental group says there are clear signs of trouble for native species that need cooler weather to reproduce.

That includes brook trout, lake sturgeon, and moose.

The Federation's Brenda Archambo says it's time to stop treating global warming as a political issue.

"There are, sadly, a number of people who have decision-making authority that continue to refuse to put solutions in place that actually can change the course we are on," Archambo says. "And we are out of time."

The report says climate change threatens many other species around the world – including tigers, polar bears, penguins, peregrine falcons, sea turtles, ducks, lynx, and snowshoe hares.