GM accused of ignoring unsafe factories in foreign countries

Sep 8, 2014

General Motors is being accused of not caring about the working conditions in its plants in Columbia and India.

Protesters accuse GM executives of ignoring unsafe working conditions in factories in Columbia and India
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

About two dozen protesters plan to hound GM CEO Mary Barra at events tied to this week’s auto technology conference in Detroit.

Paige Shell-Spurling is organizing the protests.  She says GM is ignoring problems with unsafe factories that have left dozens of workers seriously injured.

“We’re seeing this as an epidemic of injuries that GM doesn’t want to recognize.  They are not doing anything about it,” says Shell-Spurling. “They’re workers who were injured on the job. Fired for their injuries and they’ve just been kicked to the curb.”

GM CEO Mary Barra says the allegations have been "well-vetted."
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

GM  CEO Mary Barra declined to comment on the foreign auto workers complaints, except to say  their complaints have been reviewed by local authorities in Columbia and India and have been “well-vetted."