GM, UAW reach tentative deal 17 minutes before strike deadline | Michigan Radio

GM, UAW reach tentative deal 17 minutes before strike deadline

Oct 26, 2015

General Motors CEO Mary Barra and UAW President Dennis Williams at kickoff of contract talks in summer of 2015
Credit Jeffrey Sauger / General Motors

The United Auto Workers has reached a tentative four-year contract with GM, averting the possibility of a strike for now.

The union had also set a strike deadline with Fiat Chrysler during a second round of negotiations, after the first tentative contract reached with that automaker was rejected by workers.

A strike deadline puts pressure on both sides, which view a strike as a failure of contract talks.

Neither GM nor the UAW are providing details.

But a statement from the United Auto Workers says the deal offers "long-term significant wage gains," probably meaning an hourly raise for workers plus bonuses. 

The union also says the contract offers " job security commitments."  That could be a promise to keep building certain products in the U.S.

And the statement says workers also get a "clear path."  That could indicate letting the lowest paid union members work their way up to the wage paid to the highest paid members. 

Local leaders will vote on Wednesday and then, if they approve the contract, present it to the rank and file. 

Ford Motor Company is the last of the Detroit Three to reach an agreement with the UAW.