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Got any ideas on how Michigan can become carbon neutral by 2050?

Apr 18, 2021

The governor is pushing for carbon neutrality by 2050. That involves a process of cutting back on carbo emissions, as well as offsetting emissions.
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This week the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) is holding the first of two online sessions to listen to people’s thoughts what to do about climate change. Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants Michigan to be carbon neutral by 2050. EGLE — with input from the Council on Climate Solutions — has to come up with a plan.

The agency is looking for ideas.

“(We) want the public to give us their views and their input in terms of how EGLE and the Council on Climate Solutions should proceed in implementing this MI Healthy Climate plan that the governor has put forward,” said Nick Assendelft, a spokesperson for EGLE.

He added it’s not really a question and answer session. The agency just wants to hear people’s ideas about how to reduce greenhouse gases and get to carbon neutrality in less than 30 years.

“We really want to make sure that this is something that's opened up and everybody has opportunity. So that's why we scheduled two of these and we did one in the morning of April 22nd and then one in the evening of May 5th.

So that way we give folks the option that if they can't make it during the day, but they can do an evening session or vice versa,” said Assendelft.

Speakers are limited to three minutes and you have to register. You can do that at