Gov. Snyder confident budget deadline will be met

May 24, 2011

There’s one week left for the legislature to meet the governor’s deadline for passing a state budget before the end of May.  Governor Rick Snyder says negotiations are still on pace to wrap up by May 31st .   

“There are still lots of things…because it’s a very large document…that we need to get through.  But that’s all part of the process….and its coming along in a positive way.”     

But if the final deal isn’t ready until a few days later, Snyder says that would be OK.  

“Passing it anytime in May or June is a big success over our history.  So I view it all as positive.   I just like to hit deadlines that we talked about.  So a practical matter it would be good to get it wrapped up because there’s a lot more work to be done.   So the sooner the better.  And we’re on a path to get that done.”   

 Snyder and legislative Republican leaders reached a deal last week resolving the major budget issues, including cuts in education spending. 

Democrats complain they were left out of the process.