Gov. Snyder developing recycling plan

May 20, 2017

Credit Ben Simo / Flickr

Governor Rick Snyder says he will spend the summer months developing a recycling strategy to be rolled out in the fall.

“We need to do better in recycling,” he said. That is an area where I wanted to see more improvement, and we haven’t kept up the pace that we have in many other areas.” 

He says Michigan’s residential recycling rate of 15 percent is among the lowest in the country, and the state has not met a goal of doubling that.

“We still don’t have curbside recycling for a lot of our folks. They would love to recycle, but if they don’t have it as an alternative then it becomes much more cumbersome,” Snyder said.

The governor says it’s also too cheap and easy to dump solid waste in landfills. He says the strategy will include a plan to pay for it.