Gov. Snyder hears some jeering at U of M commencement

Apr 30, 2011

Governor Rick Snyder heard from his critics as he delivered the University of Michigan’s commencement address today.  

A grey, overcast, chilly morning welcomed graduates and their families  to Michigan Stadium for the Spring commencement.  Later the sun came  out  and warmed the crowd, though Governor Rick Snyder probably still  felt a slight chill from part of the crowd. 

Gov. Snyder wants to trim state aid to higher education by 15%, as part of his plan to reduce Michigan's billion dollar budget deficit. 

Some students jeered.  A handful stood with their backs to the governor as he spoke.   

Snyder’s commencement address only vaguely touched on the challenges he faces as governor.   He spent most of his speech recalling his own days as a student at U of M and encouraging students to continue to explore as their lives move forward. 

In the end, the crowd applauded the governor.