Gov. Snyder’s road funding veto could be “tipping point” in Lansing

Jul 7, 2016

While many of us were getting ready for the holiday weekend last Friday afternoon, Governor Snyder announced his veto of a road funding bill that would have given some relief to 45 large cities.

Senate Bill 557 was sponsored by Republican Senator Marty Knollenberg of Troy. It was unanimously approved by the House and Senate, a feat remarkable in and of itself.

It would have repealed a requirement that larger cities pay for part of the state's cost for highway construction projects within their border.

Yet, the governor hauled out his veto power to whack the road bill.

Zach Gorchow joined us today to talk about this apparent power struggle in Lansing between the governor and the Legislature. 


Zach Gorchow is editor for Gongwer News Service. He tweets @ZachGorchow.