Gov. Snyder tours flooded areas of Isabella & Midland counties | Michigan Radio

Gov. Snyder tours flooded areas of Isabella & Midland counties

Jun 26, 2017

Gov. Snyder says it’s important for Michiganders to “rally together” in the wake of flooding in Isabella and Midland counties.

More than seven inches of rain Thursday caused rivers to burst from their banks, inundate neighborhoods and wash out roads.

This morning, the governor spent time inspecting the flood damage on the ground and from the air. Snyder saw many parts of the region are still underwater.

“This is Mother Nature, but let’s learn from it to see what further mitigation we can do in the future,” Snyder says, “In the meantime, let’s help one another.”

Gov. Snyder praised the work of local authorities and local people to deal with the flooding.  

The governor plans to ask for federal aid soon. Flood damage is being assessed now. But Snyder cautions it is not a quick process to get assistance from the federal government.

Margaret McAvoy is the Isabella County administrator. She says it will take years and “tens of millions of dollars” for her county to recover from the flooding. McAvoy says the flooding has washed out dozens of roads, as well as caused serious damage at Central Michigan University and other major institutions in Isabella County.   

“This is an ongoing thing and it’s not going to go away in a short period of time,” says McAvoy.

McAvoy teared up as Gov. Snyder’s helicopter began to take off, following a briefing on the flooding situation.

“Having Gov. Snyder here today sends a powerful message to this community that Lansing is on top of this,” says McAvoy.