Gov. Snyder unveils "Marshall Plan" for talent | Michigan Radio

Gov. Snyder unveils "Marshall Plan" for talent

Feb 22, 2018

Credit Tulane Public Relations / Creative Commons

Gov. Rick Snyder says he wants to spend his last year in office focused on creating a workforce to fill more than 800,000 current and future openings.

He calls it a “Marshall Plan” for developing talent, borrowing the name of the massive effort to rebuild Europe after World War II.  It aims to invest in training for jobs in skilled trades, information technology, and health care.

Snyder said he’s made filling positions in sought-after high-tech fields a priority already.

“But we need a capstone accelerator. That’s what the Marshall Plan is – to accelerate this.”

He wants to spend $100 million on helping with scholarships and childcare, classroom equipment, and training programs in schools.

Snyder says this could make Michigan a national model in attracting and growing talent.

He says there is a demand for employees in fields like computer science and skilled trades. And that demand is growing.

"We need to allow people to make the choices that are best for them and accumulate those skills that allow them to have great well-paying careers," he said. "That’s what this is about.”

Details still need to be worked out with leaders in the state Legislature in order to pay for the programs.