Gov. Whitmer: Foster care computer system problems "horrifying" | Michigan Radio

Gov. Whitmer: Foster care computer system problems "horrifying"

Mar 14, 2019

Credit Dayron Villaverde / pixabay

Governor Whitmer says she agrees with a federal judge that a computer system that’s supposed to help kids in foster care needs to be fixed or scrapped.

A report to a federal judge says the problems include drastically undercounting the number of kids who were abused while they were supposed to be under state protection.

Whitmer says it’s a problem inherited by her administration. But she promised to fix it.

“It’s incredibly frustrating for taxpayers, for me, but also, most importantly, for kids that need protection the most,” Whitmer said Thursday.

The problems with Michigan’s foster care system were first identified in 2006, while Democrat Jennifer Granholm was governor.

Whitmer says it’s a pattern her administration won’t repeat. 

“It’s horrifying,” she said. “This is one of the many IT problems we see across state government.”              

Whitmer didn’t elaborate on other tech problems lingering for state government under her watch.