Governor signs education budget bill into law | Michigan Radio

Governor signs education budget bill into law

Jun 28, 2018

Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) signs the FY 2019 Education Omnibus budget bill
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

Gov. Rick Snyder signed the state’s nearly $17 billion education budget in Ypsilanti today.

The $16.8 billion fiscal year 2019 Education Omnibus budget, includes funding for the largest increase in the minimum K-12 foundation allowance in more than 15 years.

Snyder says the budget features many “critical” investments. But the governor says it’s about more than money.

“We really need to work hard on making sure those resources translate into helping our teachers be the most successful, our programs the most effective and working hard on that,” says Snyder, “And we all have more work to be done.”

Snyder's budget highlights include additional spending on at-risk students and early childhood programs. 

This is Rick Snyder’s 8th and final education budget as governor.

He says there are several areas that need more investment, including more money for career and technical education to help more students into skilled trades jobs.