Governor wants no-fault overhaul by year's end

Oct 23, 2013

Governor Rick Snyder is pushing the Legislature to overhaul Michigan’s auto insurance laws, and he wants it done before the end of the year. The governor says he’s trying to get doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, and hospitals to negotiate in hopes of finding a consensus. He says the goal is to make insurance more affordable while ensuring injured people get the care they need.

“I’m hoping people can come to the table from the various parties and say, this doesn’t need to be something where people are fighting in the Legislature, but can we just have good discussions and find good one solution that people can support across the board,” Snyder said. 

Right now, Michigan is the only state to offer unlimited lifetime medical care to people injured in car accidents. Some lawmakers have been looking to cap those benefits.

The governor says a cap does not have to be part of the package as long as sufficient savings can be found.

Bringing down auto rates in urban areas is considered one of the elements necessary to make Michigan cities more attractive.