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Grand Rapids School Board will discuss superintendent's future

Jun 7, 2011

The Grand Rapids public school board will consider whether their superintendent should continue with the district. Superintendent Bernard Taylor was passed up for job at another school district today. This is the second time this year Taylor was considered as a finalist for another job.

He insisted at a press conference today his focus has not shifted from his job in Grand Rapids. But he says He’s looking for a district where he can make the most difference.

“The searches that I’ve been engaged in are in communities that are far more aggressive about reform than this one is. And that’s what was attractive to me and that’s what I hope will become a part of the agenda here.”

Taylor noted the make-up of the school board has changed dramatically since he was hired.

School Board President Senita Lenear told reporters eager to hear about Taylor’s future the board will discuss every aspect of it at a meeting on Monday.

“The question is do we want him to stay? Or do we want him to go? And so certainly if we’re looking at whether we want him to go or not we’re going to have that conversation about the buyout.”

Taylor’s contract doesn’t expire for another 4 years. The school board could opt to buy out his contract but that would be expensive.

Grand Rapids Public Schools is Michigan’s third largest public school district. A handful of its top administrators are resigning from the district at the end of this school year.